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Vrbas: A SRS (Serbian Radical Party) committee member assaulted the female activist of DS

News 02. апр 2008.
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Democratic Party (DS) in Vrbas criticize today the member of Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Radisav Gelić who assaulted the female activist of Democratic Party B.P. in Bačko Dobro Polje near Vrbas. DS at its press conference stated that the Assembly of Vrbas’ committee member Radisav Gelić, who is also the president of Mandatory–Immunity Commission, in the night between Monday, March 31 and Thursday, April 1, assaulted the female activist of DS, B. P., when she was distributing leaflets in Bačko Dobro Polje.
President of the Executive Committee of the Municipal Committee of DS in Vrbas, Predrag Radović, said that they informed the Vrbas Police Station and submitted the criminal charge against Gelić. The girl who is also the activist of DS and was putting up posters on the other side of the street gave to police her statement being the witness of the incident.
– Gelić first followed B.P in his car and then intercepted her in darkness in the JNA Street and assaulted her physically and verbally, cursing and insulting her. He threatened “to break her head, to strangle her” and grabbed away the propaganda material of DS she held,” – said Radović.
President of Municipal Committee of DS in Bačko Dobro Selo, Dragan Stijepović, said that he expected such behavior of SRS committee member to be properly sanctioned and that all those from SRS performing public functions would not use any more the speech of hatred or use force against those who think differently during the election campaign.