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Vojvodina Has Brought Victory to Tadić

English 02. апр 2008.
2 min čitanja

boristadic.jpgAccording to CESID’s preliminary results, in Vojvodina the presidential candidate Boris Tadić won 55.1 percent votes and his opponent Nikolić 43.6 percent. According to still uncompleted results that could be obtained yesterday from REC and the election headquarters from some voting places in Vojvodina it can be concluded that Tadić has ensured his key advantage here in Vojvodina. In Novi Sad Tadić has won 54.93 percent votes, about 11 percent more than Nikolić. In Zrenjanin Tadić has got 55.22 percent vote and Nikolić nearly 12 percent less, while in Kikinda, where as in Novi Sad the local government is in the hands of the Radicals, Tadić has got 51 percent of votes in comparison to Nikolić’s 47 percent. The greatest victory Tadić has ensured in Subotica where, according to the results of the local DP, he has won 75.88 votes in comparison with Nikolić’s 23.22 percent. Political analyst Jovan Komšić said that Vojvodina has been decisive for results of the presidential election in Serbia.
– Vojvodina has been that gram that tips the scales in direction of Europe – said Komšić, as Beta Agency reports. He said that by voting for Tadić, Vojvodina’s citizens are sending a clear message what state and political parties they want.
The similar opinion has the president of Union of Vojvodina’s Hungarians, Ištvan Pastor who said yesterday that Tadić won in the second round of election owing to citizens of Vojvodina. He said that Vojvodina is the only region in Serbia in which Tadić recorded the convincing victory, leading at the end in his victory at the election.
– This is the fact that shouldn’t be forgotten because it confirms that Vojvodina’s society is permanently determined as regards the European system of values. The Democratic Party should be aware that this determination of Vojvodina’s citizens should be fully respected – said Pastor.
As he said, the possibility of scheduling the extraordinary election shouldn’t be excluded in the course of this year. Pastor added that yesterday morning he signed in Novi Sad an agreement on partnership with representatives of DP, by which DP accepts all amendments of the election program he proposed in the name of Hungarian coalition in the first round of presidential election. As he specified DP only didn’t accept the part of program related to the territorial ethnical autonomy of Hungarians in Vojvodina. He, however, didn’t want to disclose the name of person who signed the agreement in the name of DP nor he enabled journalists to see it.
Asked how the public will know what of the program is being realized, Pastor answered: “So that I am going to tell you, I fear there is no other possibility for you”. The President of the District Council, Milorad Mirčić said yesterday that Tadić’s victory at the presidential election in Vojvodina was ensured by the leaders of Hungarian political parties and Nenad Čanak. He said that SRP had no objections to Tadić’s victory but added that his party is concerned about destiny of Vojvodina and Serbia.
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