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Plasnik: Nobody brings into question that Vojvodina is in Serbia

English 29. maj 2008.
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Austrian Foreign Affair Minister Ms. Ursula Plasnik said that stories that Vojvodina will follow Kosovo in the way to independence were absolutely unfounded.
“None in Europe has ever had any doubts related to the future of Vojvodina in Serbia neither mentioned its secession,” said Plasnik for Novi Sad’s “Dnevnik” daily.
Plasnik said that such stories are “speculations” and “mere rumors”. “There will be no changes of Serbian borders and Kosovo is a special case that cannot be taken as precedent”, said Ursula Plasnik.
The Minister Plasnik also added that Austria supports the process of regionalization in Europe, and consequently also in Serbia, and said that there were no any reasons for anybody to spread prejudices about regionalization as the way that leads to secession. Ms. Plesnik also said that Austria belongs to “the most outright advocates” that support the European way of Serbia.