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Pihler: Vojvodina will not forget new Constitution to Democratic Party

English 03. апр 2008.
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Stanko Pihler (Foto: Građanski list)Dr Stanko Pihler, the President of Forum Iuris, Novi Sad’s NGO that gathers the leading Vojvodina’s lawyers, said for the web–portal that Democratic Party has to realize that it should become closer to LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) and not vice versa. He said that Vojvodina would not forget that DS “supported and participated in promulgating the current Constitution, which legally annuls the autonomy of Vojvodina”.
– Now DS speaks about a new Constitution and promotes a certain idea of ‘European autonomy’ whose concept is vague. It is an illusion. A new deception like one about the ‘essential autonomy’ can be suspected only in its northern variant, – said Pihler for
He added that DS in Vojvodina enjoys no legitimacy that could have been expected on the basis of results of the presidential election and that the president of that party won “only owing to votes from Vojvodina”, concluding that one should take into account that it was voting “against” and not “for”.
– DS in Vojvodina is recognized as a weak, undefined and prone to problematic compromises and cohabitations. Time has come when there is not the issue of “and – and” but of “either – or”. Of course, there is the possibility that it can change but when it can happen if it hasn’t changed until now and now. Evident are even gestures of quite irrational vanity, – said Pihler.